Why rainbows?

Our logo inspiration

The Indigenous Australian Collective® was established to help return the planet and all who live upon her to harmony.

There is a living library of wisdom available to us via the connection we have to Country. This is represented in the leaves of colour, radiating out from Australia in our logo.

The Indigenous Australian Collective logo

The reason the leaves are in rainbow colours, is because:

  • They represent the rainbow serpent
  • All living beings—including the Earth—have energy centres called chakras (or spinning wheels) that are the colours of the rainbow
  • Humans are a rainbow of colours, shapes, and sizes with many different belief systems and backgrounds.

An interesting creation story talks about Earth’s solar plexus chakra, located at Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

The Indigenous Australian Collective® is an inclusive organisation, that is supportive of all paths.

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