Education is the key

Growing and learning are the foundations of a harmonious society, where elders are respected and nurtured, and differences are celebrated.

Education is the underpinning foundation of The Indigenous Australian Collective® because it creates an empowered place of choice. It gives us an opportunity to reflect upon our attitudes and opinions—to make informed decisions, rather than the default beliefs we’ve been brought up with.

The collection of historical research resources can be used in a number of ways for educational purposes. They’re ideally suited to exhibiting nationally and internationally, to bring a more realistic view of Australian history—which we also see being used for reinvigorated history and Indigenous studies curriculum at both school and university levels. The collection can also be featured in documentaries and film to bring the stories that need to be told, to life.

Our overarching aim of bringing a more educated understanding to Australian society, is to foster a more empowered society, where ancient wisdom and sacred science are valued as highly as the developments of our modern life.

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